Asheville Design Center’s Vision for Western North Carolina:


  • Design: Western North Carolina enjoys an excellent built environment that supports vibrant communities in balance with the rich cultural heritage and natural environment.


  • Inclusion: All Western North Carolina, including underserved urban neighborhoods and rural communities, benefit from creative design.


  • Capacity: Western North Carolina communities use thoughtful design solutions for community problems.


  • Community Advocacy: A broad coalition of organizations and communities work together to champion well-planned and designed human, cultural and natural environments.


  • Professional Community: Western North Carolina is home to a thriving public and private professional design community.


  • Resource Center: Asheville Design Center is a center for elevated dialogue on design innovation and best practices.


  • Reputation: Asheville Design Center is acknowledged as a trusted partner and leader for achieving excellence.


Asheville Design Center Serves Western North Carolina’s:

  • Underserved urban neighborhoods and rural communities
  • Local governments
  • Nonprofit organizations
  • Design professionals and students