Michele Patterson, UNC-Asheville – Enviromental Policy & Management

Michele worked to gather preliminary information to support a feasibility study of the proposed Smith Mill Creek greenway. She compiled information relating to adjacent property owners, history of the creek and surrounding neighborhoods, instances of past creek degradation, and Best Management Practices to improve creek condition.

Chris Roth, UNC-Asheville

Chris updated the ADC website with a new, easy to manage look. Chris’s work will allow ADC staff to make more frequent updates to the website and keep the community up to date with ADC events and programs.

Nick Workman, University of Cincinnati – Urban Planning

Nick worked on conceptual designs for a new Valley Street, a historically valued cultural center of The Block. He also began preliminary research for ADC’s work with Appalachian Sustainable Agriculture Project’s City Market Siting and Access Plan.


Summer interns:

Nicole Martinez, Western North Carolina University- Nutrition
Dan Bursuck, Cornell University – Master’s of Landscape Architecture
Kristin Feierabend, Tufts University – Master’s of Urban and Environmental Planning
Kelly Holdbrooks, University of Georgia – Master’s of Landscape Architecture