Project Overview

The Klondyke Apartments are home to 585 residents, including over 200 children ages 12 years and younger. On a typical summer evening, children could be found everywhere, climbing handrails, trees, and anything else that posed a challenge. Parents in Klondyke were concerned, however, because there was no safe place for children to play.

That changed in the fall of 2012 when we completed our first Design|Build|Play project. Over the summer, ADC’s designers engaged Klondyke parents and children through a series of onsite workshops. In response to the community’s input, ADC designed a new playground that will provide a new gathering space for families. Through a mix of public, private and nonprofit partnerships, we raised over $25,000 to complete the project.

ADC partnered with Green Opportunities to hire and train Klondyke residents to install and maintain the playground site. ADC solicited local businesses for material donations and incorporating repurposed and recycled materials whenever possible. This cost effective approach yields a unique and enjoyable playground at about one-third the cost of a traditional set-up.


In-Kind Services: