In November 2010, ADC received approval from the City of Asheville’s Parks, Recreation, and Cultural Arts Department and the Public Art Board for our process of installing murals on City-owned property, a process new to the City of Asheville. ADC will work to engage the community in outreach that will lead to community input and ownership of the finished mural product. The Mural Team has produced a brochure for community distribution and initiated a community listening project. Molly Must presented at the Stephens-Lee History Expo.

Culturally, Triangle Park is a hub to the local community and a living reminder of the legacy of African American presence in Asheville. Logistically, the park is a vital artery to the larger urban fabric of the city, connecting Biltmore Ave., Charlotte Street, and Pack Square. Overall, Triangle Park is a well-used and deeply cared about public space, and it is imperative that plans for the park’s future take its community importance into consideration. A mural enhances human experience of place by acting as an unexpected source of cultural and historical pride along an individual’s daily routine. In short, it heightens our quality of life. It stands to reason, then, that site selection for a mural project would favor a gathering space such as Triangle Park. In addition to the mural, this project provides an opportunity to update both landscape and structural components of the park according to community input.

If you have a story about life in The Block or suggestions for Mural content, please leave your comments below.