Over 200 children in the Klondyke Apartments now have a safe, challenging and fun place to play, thanks to a partnership led by the Asheville Design Center. Our partners included Housing Authority of the City of Asheville, Asheville Greenworks, Charlotte Street Computers, Gannett Foundation, Asheville Affiliates, Montford Neighborhood Association, Green Opportunities, LEAF.

In-Kind services were provided Site Design Studios, Perdue Studios, Playworld Preferred, Playnation of WNC, Asheville Playgrounds, Asheville Citizen-Times.

Guided by the principle “nothing about us without us,” ADC volunteer designers engaged Klondyke parents and children through a series of onsite workshops in the summer of 2012. In response to the community’s input, ADC designed a new playground that encourages a sense of ownership, respect and pride for the neighborhood.

ADC and Green Opportunities trained six Klondyke residents to build, install and maintain the playground site. ADC  also solicited local businesses for material donations and incorporating repurposed and recycled materials whenever possible. This cost effective approach yielded a unique and enjoyable playground at about one-third the cost of a traditional set-up.