The Burton Street Community Plan is a collaborative effort among the Burton Street community, the Western North Carolina Alliance, and the Asheville Design Center. In an effort to sustain revitalization efforts currently underway in the Burton Street community, neighborhood members approached the Asheville Design Center with a desire to secure a plan for future neighborhood progress.
Over the last four years, the community has received funding through the federal Department of Justice’s Weed and Seed program, which targets “weeds” such as crime and then “seeds” the community with resources. The community has made great strides thanks to this the federal Department of Justice’s Weed and Seed funding program plus community involvement in reclaiming and repairing the neighborhood. The neighborhood plan will help Burton Street continue on a path toward the community vision.

Community Goals

  • Improve community cohesion
  • Create new community spaces
  • Ensure residential development and redevelopment is green, affordable, and compatible
  • Create new economic activity within the community
  • Improve neighborhood infrastructure for safety and mobility

Projects currently underway:

  • Revival of Burton Street Agricultural Fair
  • Working with the City on the Burton Tech Center
  • Community clean-up days at Smith Mill Creek
  • Street scaping with My Brother’s Keeper

Burton Street Community Center


The Burton Street Community is a diverse and welcoming neighborhood that celebrates its unique history and is a model for sustainability through a strong community association, green, affordable development, local economic activity, and a safe, walkable network of parks and productive gardens.


Burton Street OriginalOriginal site photograph

Burton Street GardenCommunity Garden

Burton Street GreenwayCommunity Park