Student Testimonials

Lauren Taylor (Architecture, U of Virginia)

"I really valued the responsibility the instructors gave to us – in design, and all aspects of the project. This felt very different from usual university classes, and I thought was more relevant to the real world."
-- Class of 2013

Jay Holt (Architecture, NC State)

“Working with students in different disciplines, I learned that each student had a unique perspective, knowledge base, and set of experiences that ultimately served as a powerful teaching tool for me."
--Class of 2011

Caitlin Edenfield (Landscape Architecture, Virginia Tech)

“People with no design background are not limited by previously instilled ideas... I learned that design should never be limited to designers.”
-- Class of 2011

Thackston Crandall (Landscape Architecture, Clemson)

"I think some of the greatest learning moments were when we encountered problems and Luke or Miriam would come by and make us take a step back and discuss what the problem was and possible solutions. I think these spontaneous and improvised moments provided some of the best pragmatic learning experiences."
--Class of 2013