Bruce EmoryBruce Emory is a retired civil engineer and transportation planner. He received a Bachelor’s degree in civil engineering from Princeton in 1965 and a Master’s from Georgia Tech in 1970. In between he spent four years in the Navy Civil Engineer Corps, including service with the Seabees in Vietnam.

Bruce worked for Atlanta’s transit system, MARTA, from 1970 to 1988, during which time MARTA planned and constructed a new rapid transit system. He served in various positions including Director of Planning and Marketing. From 1988 to 2006 Bruce worked as a consultant for Manuel Padron & Associates, an Atlanta firm that consults for transit systems and local governments across the country. He worked on bus and rail transit projects in Los Angeles, Seattle, Chicago, St. Louis, Cincinnati, and others. Projects included studies of new rail lines, express bus systems, feeder bus plans, fare structures, and projections of capital and operating costs.

After retiring in 2006, Bruce and his wife Day Ann moved to Asheville. In addition to ADC, he volunteers for RiverLink and Habitat for Humanity, and takes courses at UNCA’s College for Seniors.