Project Overview

The Block is centrally located and remains a “hidden treasure” with a strong underlying character. The area is composed of vacant sites, empty historic brick buildings, a large church, an underused triangle park, and a few small art galleries and restaurants. As properties are largely owned by a few individual entities eager to redevelop, it is essential that their intentions be well coordinated in order to achieve a vital urban realm with appropriate scale, character and sense of place.

In response to a request by the Performance Center of Asheville and CJMW Architects to conduct a comprehensive site analysis, the Asheville Design Center (ADC) produced “The Block: Expanded Site Analysis and District Design Considerations.” Over the course of 2010-2011, ADC design volunteers conducted an expanded site study of an area surrounding The Performance Center site. The study area lies within the Eagle-Market sub-district of Downtown Asheville, locally and historically referred to as “The Block.” The intent of this analysis was to explore opportunities to integrate the Performance Center facilities and services with the surrounding neighborhood and with potential future development. This site study provides an overview of the site as well as an outline for growth and neighborhood revitalization.