Project Overview

Pit of Despair



In March 2016, Asheville City Council approved a public visioning process for City-owned property located on Haywood Street in downtown Asheville. The process is being facilitated by Asheville Design Center in collaboration with City staff and a City Council-appointed advisory team. Community engagement efforts will inform a long-term vision for the properties while also serving to identify opportunities for temporary installations to enliven the space in the short-term.

Engagement efforts included two open house in June in which people viewed a 3D model of the property and other visual aids. People were asked: What do you want to DO there, not what do you want to SEE there. They put sticky notes with their ideas on them up on a wall.

New opportunity for input

Now the Haywood Street Advisory Team is taking another step to get feedback from people on how to imagine uses for the City-owned property on Haywood Street and Page Avenue with an activity survey on Open City Hall Asheville.

In this survey you will be shown pictures of possible uses of the property. The feedback gathered will further inform the visioning process.

How the input will be used

The Asheville Design Center and Haywood Street Advisory Team are gathering input to use that will ultimately inform a recommendation to Asheville City Council.

Find more information about the Haywood Street Visioning project and Advisory Team here.