Project Overview

ArtSpace Charter School and the Asheville Design Center (ADC) began working together because of ArtSpace’s desire to improve its campus and develop a master plan that will guide it through the future. ArtSpace wants a re-imagined campus that reflects the positive and inspiring things that are happening on the inside of the building. The school has many assets, but it needs to grow and expand in order to accommodate their long-term vision. It needs more physical space for students and faculty and they need to improve the site that they have to accommodate the learning and recreation opportunities outside.

As a charter school, ArtSpace has certain limitations, but the design of its campus should not be one of them. ADC’s work will help clarify the direction that the campus’ development takes so that administration can focus on education and bringing the best out of both students and teachers. The end result is a reference manual that provides guidance to steps that ArtSpace can take over the next few years to improve the campus in a holistic, well-planned out way.

Meg Jamison, a planner, is our project manager.