Project Overview

The inaugural Asheville Design-Build Studio was a tremendous success. The studio was blessed with five wonderful students from across the region who spent 10 weeks with us this summer.  They came from NC State, Appalachian State, and Virginia Tech, with range of majors, including Architecture, Landscape Architecture, and Construction Management.

Through their tireless work, creative energy, and positive attitude, the project was completed on time and under budget, spending a total of $3,719 on materials. The students did an amazing job of continually coming to consensus, developing a drawing set that was successfully permitted by the city, and keeping it flexible enough to allow the design to evolved once construction actually started.

For the four weeks, the students worked in the Asheville Design Center’s downtown space, and then spent the last six weeks on site digging, cutting, sweating, swatting mosquitoes, discussing, creating, hammering, and learning.  On August 6, we had an amazing party to celebrate its completion and addition to the community.

The Burton Street Peace Gardens now has a 300 square foot pavilion to serve as a gathering space and teaching tool for the neighborhood and beyond.   Not only is it structurally sound, legal, and made of many salvaged and repurposed materials, but it is beautiful as well.  It is an interactive example of finding value in objects and spaces that would otherwise be wasted, including natural elements such as light and water.