Saturday, May 5, 3:00pm-9:00pm 

block surrounding Center for Craft (67 Broadway)


Carolina Lane Creative Intervention is a one-day event with a specific focus: to experiment with unique public art installations, culturally diverse creative activities, potential streetscape changes, and infrastructure improvements in order to gather community feedback and motivate permanent change to take place in a way that satisfies local property owners, business owners, and residents. The Center for Craft and Asheville Design Center view the event as an important step in the development of a community-driven long-term vision for the downtown block defined by Broadway Street, Woodfin Street, Lexington Avenue, and Walnut Street. This event is free and open to the public. Visit our project page to learn more about the Broadway Cultural Gateway project. 

This event is made possible through the generous support of UNC Asheville, Center of Craft and the Buncombe County Tourism Development Authority.


Center for Craft 
– 67 Broadway

Street ::

ONGOING Parklet Installation 

Parking Garage ::

ONGOING Asheville Buskers Collective
ONGOING “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” Installation* 
ONGOING Musical Storyboards Installations*
4:00 PM + 6:00 PM  “I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” Performance*
8:00 PM “Ghost Signs” Historic Tour with Jack Thomson of the Preservation Society of Asheville & Buncombe County Walking tour of Historic building signs, meet at 67 Broadway.

Basement ::

ONGOING Pop-up Makerspace, activities include:

Carolina Lane – between Broadway Street and Lexington Avenue

ONGOING Asheville Postcard Kiosk*
ONGOING Interactive Mural Installation*
ONGOING Dioramas Installation*
ONGOING New Media Installations*
ONGOING Lighting, Garbage, and Pocket Park Installations

Blue Ridge Public Radio Pop-up Coffee Shop ::

ONGOING BeLoved House Art Gallery

Carolina Lane Stage ::

3:30 PM American Myth Center Performance 
4:00 PM Music TBA
5:20 PM American Myth Center Performance 
6:00 PM Music TBA
7:00 PM For Her and The Snow (Rock)
8:10 PM American Myth Center Performance

Bouchon Courtyard – between Lexington Avenue and Carolina Lane

3:00 PM UNC Asheville Bluegrass Ensemble | dir. by Toby King
4:00 PM UNC Asheville Cal Tjader Ensemble (Latin Jazz) | dir. by Matthew Richmond
5:00 PM  Noah Proudfoot & the Botanicals (Rock)
6:00 PM Daydreamz / Pollinators (A Differently-abled Interlude)
6:15 PM UNC Asheville Belly Dancers | dir. by Nancy Hayes
7:00 PM UNC Asheville Contemporary Guitar Ensemble | dir. by Tim Doyle
8:00 PM William Hinson & Grace Christian X (folk duo)

Chicken Alley – between Carolina Lane and Lexington Avenue

ONGOING Stormwater and Street Surfacing Installation
ONGOING Chicken Alley mural by artist Molly Must

*  Installations created in collaboration with UNC Asheville Acting Provost Karin Peterson, faculty, and students.

“I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings” Installation & Performance | UNC Asheville Associate Professor Lise Kloeppel, students Sara Aamot, Sarah Brendel, Joe Charboneau, Cait Kelleher, Hayden Slater, Quin Terry, Ashley Ward, and Arcade Willis, BeLoved House, and musician Imhotep Dlanod

Musical Storyboard Installations | UNC Asheville Assitant Professor Toby King, and students Parker Bobbitt, Andy Burns, Nick Cameron, Jonathan Carpenter, Joe Esposito, Gabby Feinstein, Don Gilmore, Teddy Gorrell, Ronnie Keller, Alec Sturgis, and Ned Willams

Asheville Postcard Kiosk | UNC Asheville Assistant Professor Victoria Bradbury, and student Dale Wright

Interactive Mural Installation | UNC Asheville Assistant Professor Susan Dittenber, and students Gillian Maurer, Deanna Brown, and Alexis Moon

Dioramas Installation | UNC Asheville Asheville Professor Jackson Martin, and students Nathan Butcher, Monica Davis, Noah Lentz, Eva Marsh, Kit Minor, Hannah Mullins, Paolo Phillips, Robert Simmons, Corbin Smith, Indira Srinath, Addie Starbird, Kit Sullivan, Aidan Sweeney, Veronica Wyatt, and Kathryn Yourch

New Media Installations | UNC Asheville Associate Professor Lei Han, and students Alison Antaramian, Madeleine Boone, Cora Willis, Amanda Brook, Nicole Carpenter, Grace Hennard, Danielle Sebaste, Katherine Duquiatan, Monica Favela, Jordan Wilkie, Samira Zoobi, Kem Ra Skhert Joseph-Achikeobi-Jess, Clara Murray, Lee Staley, and Jacob Toedtman